Welcome to FertiPROTEKT

in 2006, the FertiPROTEKT network was founded. It has meanwhile been extended to cover all German-speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria). It gives women and men facing or having gone through chemo- or radiotherapy the chance to obtain the most recent scientific advice about their fertility and the measures which can be taken to protect it.

By contrast to men, where the preservation of sperm is an established method, effective techniques of fertility protection for women have only been around for a few years.

FertiPROTEKT is internationally one of the the first networks offering these techniques to a whole nation. Within the network, these methods are being established, further developed and tested in terms of their effectiveness. Accordingly, all centres of the network meet strict constantly controlled and optimised standards of consultancy and therapy.

Currently, the network covers mostly university centres working locally and in close cooperation with oncologists of all disciplines. Further university centres, hospitals and private fertility clinics meeting the strict quality standards are joining the network.

The FertiPROTEKT homepage informs you about the background and therapies, costs and effectiveness ("Illnesses" and "Treatment methods"). You can also find out about the structure of the network ("FertiPROTEKT - The Network") as well as about the statistical data of the patients treated by FertiPROTEKT ("FertiPROTEKT - The Register") and recommended contact addresses of FertiPROTEKT centres ("Cooperating centers and contacts"). If any information on the homepage seems unclear to you or you have problems with the contact, the advice or the therapy provided by one of the centres, please do not hesitate to inform the coordinators. A translation into English is coming soon.

We hope to be offering plenty of information on our homepage and wish you and your patients good health and all the best,

Your FertiPROTEKT team