Dear col­leagues,

According to the draft law of the TSVG of 01.05.2019, patients of repro­duct­ive age are entitled to fertility pro­tec­tion coun­selling prior to gon­ado­tox­ic therapy.

The Fer­ti­PRO­TEKT Netzwerk e.V. unites centres in the German-speaking countries (Germany, Switzer­land and Austria) in order to guarantee timely and competent coun­selling as com­pre­hens­ively as possible. The member centres have committed them­selves to providing all therapy options, either alone or through appro­pri­ate cooper­a­tion, so that indi­vidu­al treatment can be realised.

Detailed explan­a­tions of different diseases and fertility-pro­tect­ive measures as well as a bib­li­o­graphy can be found in the Fer­ti­PRO­TEKT book “Indic­a­tion and imple­ment­a­tion of fertility-pro­tect­ive measures in onco­lo­gic­al and non-onco­lo­gic­al diseases”, 2nd revised edition 2020, which was written by members of the Fer­ti­PRO­TEKT Netzwerk e.V. and is available free of charge.

Textbook for download.

Please remember to include a document with details of the under­ly­ing disease, the time of the planned start of therapy and the planned gon­ado­tox­ic therapy when referring patients to a centre, in accord­ance with legal requirements.

  BRZ document for download.