In ovarian stim­u­la­tion, the patient injects med­ic­a­tion for approx­im­ately 2 weeks in order to mature several follicles within the ovaries at the same. To prevent premature ovulation, another med­ic­a­tion must also be added. As soon as the follicles are large enough, ovulation is spe­cific­ally induced and the eggs are then collected using an ultra­sound guided needle aspir­a­tion via the vagina. The eggs are usually frozen unfer­til­ized and are available for later medical assisted reproduction.

Detailed inform­a­tion and a bib­li­o­graphy can be found in the Fer­ti­PRO­TEKT booklet “Indika­tion und Durch­führung fer­til­ität­s­pro­tekt­iver Maßnahmen bei onko­lo­gis­chen und nicht-onko­lo­gis­chen Erkrankun­gen”, 2nd revised edition 2020, which was written by members of the Fer­ti­PRO­TEKT Netzwerk e.V. and is available free of charge (in German).

(Chap. 3.1)

An english version can be bought: Fertility Pre­ser­va­tion in Onco­lo­gic­al and Non-Onco­lo­gic­al Diseases a practical guide by Michael von Wolff & Frank Nawroth ISBN 978–3‑030–47567‑3 from

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